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Continents and Oceans Map and also many new and amazing information map of the continents and oceans today we are sharing with you. Earth is a diverse planet that human beings know. There is no other diverse planet as earth even though there are advancements in the astronomy from several years. Earth is the home for millions of living organisms.

Continents and Oceans Map and all Information

Our earth is a planet which includes huge landmasses known as continents along with the water bodies known as oceans. The look of earth is not as same as now and millions of year ago, it used to be only a single landmass that is surrounded with a large ocean.
After that, the land mass started splitting and it drifted apart with ocean on all the sides and this is still a going on process. But, as of now we have 7 continents and 5 oceans which are home for living organisms. As we are talking about earth and its landmasses and oceans, now let us also have a brief overview of these continents and oceans.
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Continents of World

As said, there are totally seven continents in the earth as of now. These are the large land masses that we see on the planet earth with millions of diverse range of living organisms. Though there are small landmasses they are named as islands and they are different from continents that are very large in size. Now, let us look at those seven continents that are listed out below.
Continents and Oceans Map
1. AsiaAsia is the largest continent of all the continents present on the earth which covers almost 9 percent area of the surface of earth. It is said to be almost the most populated continent on the earth. This huge population makes it an important part of the economy of the world. It is located mostly in the eastern and southern hemispheres of the earth covering the 30 percent of total land. It is also known to be home for the early human beings. 60 percent of the population in the earth is in the Asia itself. So, think how big it is. There is lot to say about Asia continent but, as of now we will limit it here.

2. Africa

The second largest of the continents on the earth in terms of population and it is commonly known as the black continent by people. It contains 54 countries with nearly 1 billion of population and it occupies the 15 percent of the world’s population in which among 20 percent constitutes the total land area. It lies in center of earth with equator passing through it. It is only the continent that extends from northern temperate to the southern temperate zones.

3. Antarctica

It is the southernmost continent among the 7 continents of the world and geographic South Pole of the earth is there in this continent. This continent is made of permanent glaciers that are large. It has vey less population of 5000 residents and it is known to be the most uninhabitable areas on this planet. But, it is home for many animal and plant species.

4. Australia

This is known to be a single country continent and when it comes to total area it is the sixth largest continent in the world but it is the smallest of all the continents. Because of its size, it is also called as island continent which covers an area of 7617930 Sq KMs. This continent is located in the Indo-Australian plate and it is covered by the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

5. Europe

It is the Second smallest continents in the earth which contains westernmost peninsula of the Eurasian. It covers the 2 percent of the surface of the earth and it takes 6.8 percent of the earth’s total area of land. It is the home for nearly 50 countries. After Asia and Africa, Europe is the third most populated continent in the entire world with 11 percent of world’s population living here.

6. North America

It wholly located in the Northern hemisphere of the earth with borders as Arctic Ocean in the north, Pacific Ocean in the south and west, Pacific Ocean in the south and west, and Caribbean Sea and South America in the south east. It covers 4.8 percent of the earth’s surface and it compromises 16.5 percentage of the land on the earth. It has total population of nearly 565 million people.

7. South America

South America is located in the western hemisphere but, most of its land area is located in the southern hemisphere and little in the northern hemisphere. It has an area of 17,840,000 Sq KMs and with 3 billions of population. In terms of the size, it is the fourth largest and in terms of the population, it is the fifth largest continents in the world. It is generally considered as the sub-continent for the people of America.

These are the few details about the seven continents of the world and now, let us have a look at the five oceans.

Oceans of the World

Landmasses cover only 30 percent of the earth surface, whereas water covers the other 70 percent and out of it 96 percent is the salt water of our oceans. The five largest oceans surrounding the continents are given below.
Continents and Oceans Map

1. Pacific Ocean

Pacific is the largest of all the five oceans in the world. It is located in between the western coastlines and eastern coastlines. On the north of Pacific Ocean we have Arctic Ocean and on the south it has Antarctic Ocean. The ocean is spread about 165,200,000 square kilometers and it is having the longest shoreline of nearly 135,663 kilometers. It covers 46 percent of the world’s water surface which is more than the 3rd of total surface area.

2. Atlantic Ocean

It is the second largest of the oceans on the earth with a total area of nearly 106,400,000 Sq KMs which is bordered by Africa and Europe on the east part and by America on the western part. It is a route for spice trade and colonization till the 15th century. This ocean contains the various marine species. The equator separates the North and south Atlantic oceans.

3. Indian Ocean

It is the third largest of earth’s five oceans which covers an area of nearly 73,556,000 Sq KMs. This ocean is bordered with eastern coast of Africa and on the north with India. It is the rich in animal species and exotic plan. This ocean is made a part from Pacific Ocean by Australia and South East Asia. 20 percent of water on surface of earth is in this ocean.

4. Arctic Ocean

It is the shallowest and the smallest oceans on the earth with 13,986,000 Sq KMs. It mostly lies in the Arctic Circle which is surrounded by North American continents and Eurasian. Most of the time, this ocean is covered with ice which is of hundreds of feet thickness and even it remains impassable during the summer.

5. Antarctic Ocean

This ocean covers an area of 20,327,000 Sq KMs and it is the fourth largest of world’s oceans. It has great influence of changes in the earth’s weather. This ocean combines the waters of Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. This is considered as youngest of all the oceans geologically.

These are the five different oceans present on the earth as of now. This is all about the continents and oceans that are present of the earth and that everyone should be aware of.

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