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All list of continents of the world with image, wallpaper, useful info, their countries and much more about seven continents of the world you will read in this article. if you wanna know how many continents are there then let’s read this article. The world is a common name of human civilization.

The world is derived as wer and eld. Wer-man and eld mean age, finally it as declared as “Age of Man”.

The world is enclosed with 7 continents named as below






·North America

·South America

All 7 Continents are the large body of lands. Large land bodies are also known as land masses. These land masses are covered with human beings, animals and creatures and all living organisms. In the world, there are many small land places also which are named as Islands but we have big land masses called Continents.

We have 5 Oceans in World as below.

·Antarctic Ocean

·Arctic Ocean

·Atlantic Ocean

·Indian Ocean

·Pacific Ocean

Asia the biggest continent of world

Asia is the biggest continent in the world. It occupies 9% of the earth with a huge population.

Asia continent covers nearly 4.5 billion people.This large population helps for growth in the economy.

Asia is located in the Northern and Eastern hemisphere of the globe .It covers 60% of the landscape. Asia is the only continent with huge population among all planets. There are no separate boundaries for Asia, and there is no specific boundary separation between Europe and Asia. These two continents jointly called as Eurasia. 

Asia Continents

Totally Asia is covered with oceans we have the Pacific Ocean on The East side of Asia, the Indian Ocean to the south side of Asia and Arctic Ocean to the north side of Asia. Asia Continent have many historical backgrounds with many historical places.A Continents have many countries. Continents are the large body of lands. Asia is also famous for its Culture, Tradition, and Economy.

Asia covers the area of 43,820,000 approximately with a vast population of 5 billion.

The most popular city of Asia is Shanghai & China. Asia is an original concept of Civilization. Asia has the second largest nominal of all continents. Asia is the largest continent in the world and Asia continent is rich in Natural Sources. A Large population of Asia helps for Economic Growth.


Africa is the second largest populous continent in the world. It covers about 6% of earth surface.

Africa continent contains nearly 1.5 to 2 billion of the population. It is the second population continent in the world. Most of 50% of African population people is of maximum 19 years old or above.

Africa is covered by seas and oceans. To North of Africa they have a Mediterranean Sea ,West of Africa is covered by the Atlantic Ocean, Southeast of Africa is covered by the Indian Ocean, North East of Africa is covered by Suez canal and Red sea .Africa contains the famous Island called Madagascar. Algeria is the largest country in Africa with largest are. Nigeria is the largest country is Africa continent with the highest population.Most of population we can see in Central East of Africa, it has named as Mankind Place of Africa.

africa Continents

Africa has a coastline of 26,000 Kilometers. Africa has over 3000 Protected Areas.

Antarctica occupies double space when compared with Australia Africa is a Multilingual Continent in the world because many different types of Languages are spoken there. Before 50years Population scale is very less in Africa and from 50years there is a rapid growth in Population level. Africa also has many religions like Asia. Algeria is the largest country in Asia.


Antarctica is the fifth largest Continent of the world. Antarctica continent have enormous Ice cubes. It locates in the south region on World map. So, Antarctica is named as Southern most continent of the World. Antarctica Continent is totally covered by oceans on all sides. Antarctica covers about 14million Square kilometers in the world space. Antarctica occupies double space when compared with Australia. Most Places of Antarctica are covered with Ice 98% of Antarctica is covered with Ice with an average thickness of 1.9 kilometers.

Antarctica Continents

Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest continent in the world. The low temperature of -89 degree Celsius has been recorded in Antarctica. This is the one and only one continent to record as lowest temperature. There is no mankind in Antarctica till 1980’s before that nobody knows that there is the land mass area in Antarctica. Only 5 % of Antarctica is covered by Rocky areas where remaining percent of incontinent is covered by Ice.

Antarctica contains two seas named the Ross Sea and the Weddell Sea. Antarctica has mountains named Trans-antarctic Mountains which are very close to Ross sea and the Weddell Sea. Due to this reason Antarctica is divided into two Regions named Western Antarctica and Eastern Antarctica. Antarctica also experiences many unique phenomena.


Australia has some technical names like Sahul, Australinea or Meganasia. Australia is the very smallest continent among all these 7 continents. Antarctica occupies double space when compared with Australia. Australia contains the countries of Australia, Tasmania, Seram, New Guinea, Timor, and other neighboring islands.

Australia Continents

Australasia, also a region, it doesn’t encompass all the islands in the area. Australasia is actually a sub-region within the larger Oceania, along with the above-mapped regions of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. Australia contains shallow seas. These shallow seas divide Australia into two many different land masses. New Zealand is not a part of the continent of Australia, but of the separate continent of Zealandia which is submerged.

Both New Zealand and Australia are parts of the wider regions well known by Oceania or Australasia. Australia contains the total land area of 8.56million kilometers. When compared to all continents Australia occupies very less Space. Humans or mankind first populated in eastern Region of Australia. Currency used in Australia is dollar which is named as Australian Dollar. The currency Code of Australian Dollar is AUD.

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Australia is a one of Developed continent. It has 8 international Airports named Adelaide Airport, Brisbane Airport, Cairns Airport, Darwin Airport, Gold Coast Airport, Melbourne Airport, Perth Airport, Sydney Airport. Australia Climatic zones range from tropical rain forests, deserts and cool temperature forests to snow covered mountains.

Almost one is four Australians are not born from Australia. The country of Australia includes the Australian mainland, Tasmania, some islands in the Torres Strait, some islands in the Indian Ocean, plus some islands in the Coral Sea including Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island .


Europe is the western most part of Eurasia. Europe is surrounded by Arctic Ocean in the north, Atlantic ocean to the west, and Mediterranean sea to the South. Europe is generally divided from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural ad Caucasus Mountains. The Ural River, the Caspian sea and the Black sea are the Waterways. In Particular Europe is Ancient Greece birthplace of Western culture.

Europe Continents

The industrial revolution which was taken place in 18th Century gave raise to Radical Economy. Europe is the Western part of Eurasia. Both the world wars which held have a prime focus on Europe. Many European countries are also members of Schengen Area. Russia, Germany, Turkey, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine, Spain,

Poland and Romania are the famous countries in Europe Continent. The Europeans get a lot of foreign exchange through the incredible growth of tourism in the continent. It accounts for about 11% of the total population of the world.

continents of the world map

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Euro is the common currency of the countries in Europe. The industrial revolution which was taken place in 18th Century gave raise to Radical Economy. Nearly 739 million people live in Europe .There are many famous lakes in Europe like Lake Balaton, Hungary.

These are the central famous lakes in Europe. Volga river is the most famous and longest river in the Europe. English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Nordic Languages, East European languages these all are the languages used in Europe. Many capitals were there in Europe. They have many historical places and sightseeing places in Europe.

North America:

North America is the third largest continent in the world. North America lies entirely on Northern Hemisphere. At North, North America is covered by Arctic ocean, East of North America is covered by Atlantic Ocean, South of North America is covered by Pacific Ocean. North America can be considered as Northern Sub Continent.

North America Continents

Africa is the second largest populous continent in the world, where North America is the third largest continent in the world. Most of the North America continent are is covered by Canada, United States, Greenland’s and Mexico. Firstly the Word America is used by only some regions of Continent later it has been spread to all over Continent.

The portion of landmass widening out from the Isthmus of Panama was called North America, and the southern part was called South America. Maximum Places of North America are located between the Tropic of Cancer and Arctic Circle. North America is also considered as a Northern Subcontinent of Americas. Anthropologists believes that North Americas initial inhabitants arrived around 40,000 Years ago. There are many Major Rivers in North America.

Major Rivers in North America are below.









·Rio Grande

·St, Lawrence


Brazos: This Brazos river starts from northern part of the state in Stonewall County, and flows southeast into Brazoria County and the Gulf of Mexico. The Brazos River, called the Rio de los Brazos de Dios by early Spanish explorers.

Colorado: The Colorado River is one of the principal rivers of the Southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Fraser: Fraser river is the largest river in the Canada, which passe through Mount Robson in Rocky Mountains.

Mackenzie: Mackenzie river is the one of the largest and longest river in Canada and it exceeded only by river Mississippi.

Mississippi: Mississippi is the largest drainage river system in North America. Mississippi river is located in United States of America.

Missouri: Missouri river is located in united States of America. It is the longest river in North America which raise between Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.

Ohio: Ohio is the largest tributary which passes through westward from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Rio Grande: The Rio Grande is one of the principal rivers in the southwest United States and northern Mexico. The Rio Grande rises from south-central Colorado in the United States and flows to the Gulf of Mexico.

St Lawrence: St Lawrence is the longest river in middle latitudes of North America. St Lawrence is a active Zone Region.

Yukon: The Yukon River is a major watercourse of northwestern North America. The source of the river is located in British Columbia, Canada. Yukon is the one of the major river in North America.

South America

South America is the fourth largest continent in the world. In south America continent land masses will be their in southern part. It is a triangular shaped continent which compact with a broader on northern side with the southern edge tapering known as the Cape Horn in Chile. North of South America is covered by Caribbean Sea, east of North America is covered by Atlantic Ocean, West of South America is Covered by Pacific Ocean.

South America Continents

The continent contains the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela the longest mountain range, the Andes, and the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert in Chile. There are some islands around the South America continent. Maximum Islands are towards the south part of South America continent. East of Southern Argentina is the Falkland or Malvinas Islands. The northern part, the long stretch of West Indies from Trinidad to Florida can be found. But,

they are generally considered to be part of North America. We can see some small oceanic islands off the coast of South America like Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. South America continent is about 6,878,000 square miles. The greatest east-west extent is 3,300 miles between Cape Branco in Brazil to Point Parinas in Peru.

Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, which lies near the border with Chile, is the highest point in the continent and even the highest elevation in the while of the Western Hemisphere at a height of 22,831 feet or 6,959 meters above the sea level. The lowest point is the Valdes Peninsula on the south-eastern coast of Argentina. The portion of landmass widening out from the Isthmus of Panama was called North America, and the southern part was called South America.

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French, Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru Anguilla, Falkland Islands are the South American Countries.

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