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Map of continents with How Many Continents are there and also many more information about continents and Ocean you can get here.

Map of Continents Full Information

There are mainly 7 continents in the world. Asia is the biggest continent among all the continents.

· Asia

· Africa

· Antarctica

· Australia

· Europe

· North America

· South America

Oceans in World Map of Continents

Continents are the largest parts of the world. Each and every country is having many nations, many civilizations and cultures, many rivers including in it. There are mainly 5 big oceans across the world.

· Antarctic Ocean

· Arctic Ocean

· Atlantic Ocean

· Indian Ocean

· Pacific Ocean

How Many Continents are there with Map of continents

The Earth’s territory is isolated into vast landmasses called continents. One meaning of the term continent portrays unique and isolate vast continents, like Australia and Antarctica, which are separated from some other area. Other basic practices permit a looser meaning of the term, which characterizes continents in view of extra variables, isolating Europe from Asia or North America from South America.

The World map of continents demonstrates seven continents; however there are different models that show six continents, five continents, or four continents, made by considering certain continents one substance instead of two elements.

The continent continents are packed more in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern Hemisphere as far as territory. Regarding zone, Asia drives the continents in size, trailed by Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

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Division of Continents

The Isthmus of Suez unites the continents of Asia and Africa, the Isthmus of Panama joins North and South America. Contrasting with the territory of continents that these isthmuses join, both of those are very restricted.

No isthmus or ocean isolates Asia from Europe, which clarifies thinking behind the idea of Eurasia, that is Europe and Asia as a single continent. This is one of the six-continent models of the world. This perspective, held by a few geographers, is by and large just famous in Russia, some Eastern European nations and Japan.

The continents of North America and South America are typically viewed as discrete continents, however prior ever; they were seen as single continents and were referred to by and large as America. Indeed, even today, a few nations in South America consider the two to be one continent.

Another hypothesis identifying with the division of continents came as the four-landmass model. In this model, continents are characterized as discrete continents. As per the hypothesis Asia, Europe, and Africa shape a solitary landmass called Afro-Eurasia, and the aggregate number of continents gets to be four: Afro-Eurasia, America, Antarctica, and Australia.

Classification of Continents

Continents can be classified into 4 various categories namely, Supercontinents, subcontinents, submerged continents, microcontinents as per the world map of continents.


The term supercontinent is used to depict the continents with more than one carton or continent center. The illustrations are Columbia, Gondwana, Kenorland, Laurasia, Pangaea, and Rodinia. Eurasia is a contemporary case of a supercontinent.


A few sections of a continent may fall on distinctive tectonic plates from the rest. These are known as subcontinents. The Indian subcontinent and the Arabian Peninsula are a portion of the best illustrations of subcontinents.

Submerged Continents

Submerged continents are territories of mainland outside layer that are for the most part secured by the ocean. One striking case is Zealandia, which is under the ocean in New Caledonia and New Zealand


There are various islands situated on areas of continent outside layer that have floated away from the fundamental landmass. These are too little to possibly be considered mainlands, so they are alluded to as microcontinents. Madagascar is the biggest case of microcontinent.

World Map of Continents Full Information about Each Continent


Asia is the biggest continent on the planet. It possesses 9% of the earth with the enormous population.

Asia continent covers almost 4.5 billion people.This extensive population helps for development in the economy.

Asia is situated in the Northern and Eastern side of the equator of globe .It covers 60% of the scene.Asia is the main continent with colossal population among all planets.There are no different limits for Asia, and there is no particular limit partition in the middle of Europe and Asia.These two islands mutually called as Eurasia.

Totally Asia is secured with seas we have the Pacific Ocean on The East side of Asia, the Indian Ocean toward the south side of Asia and Arctic Ocean toward the north side of Asia. Asia Continent have numerous authentic foundations with numerous recorded spots.A Continents have numerous nations. Islands are the vast group of terrains. Asia is additionally well known for its Culture, Tradition, and Economy.

Asia Continents

Asia covers the territory of 43,820,000 roughly with the inconceivable population of 5 billion.

The most prevalent cities of Asia are Shanghai and China. Asia is a unique idea of Civilization. Asia has the second biggest ostensible of all continents. Asia is the biggest continent on the planet and Asia island is rich in Natural Sources.

Africa Continent

Africa is the second biggest crowded continent on the planet. t covers around 6% of earth surface.

Africa continent contains about 1.5 to 2 billion of a population.It is the second population island on the planet.Most of half of African population is of maximum 19 years of age or above.

Africa is secured via oceans and seas.To North of Africa, they have the Mediterranean Sea , West of Africa is secured by the Atlantic Ocean, Southeast of Africa is secured by the Indian Ocean , North East of Africa is secured by Suez channel and Red ocean . africa Continents

Africa contains the acclaimed Island called Madagascar.Algeria is the biggest nation in Africa with the biggest range.Nigeria is the biggest nation is Africa island with most noteworthy population .Most of population we can find in Central East of Africa, it has named as Mankind Place of Africa.

Africa has a coastline of 26,000 Kilometers. Africa has more than 3000 Protected Areas.

Antarctica possesses twofold space when contrasted and Australia Africa is a Multilingual Continent on the planet in light of the fact that a wide range of sorts of Languages is talked there. Before 50years Population scale is less in Africa and from 50years there is a fast development in Population level. Africa also has numerous religions like Asia. Algeria is the biggest nation in Asia.

Antarctica Continent

Antarctica is the fifth biggest Continent of the world.Antarctica continent has huge Ice 3D squares.It situates in the south area on World guide.So, Antarctica is named as Southernmost island of the World. Antarctica Continent is completely secured by season all sides. Antarctica covers around 14million Square kilometers on the planet space.

Antarctica possesses twofold space when contrasted and Australia. Most Places of Antarctica are secured with Ice 98% of Antarctica is secured with Ice with a normal thickness of 1.9 kilometers. Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest continent on the planet. Low temperature of – 89 degrees Celsius has been recorded in Antarctica.

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This is the unparalleled one continent to record as most minimal temperature. There is no humanity in Antarctica till 1980’s before that no one realizes that there is area mass region in Antarctica. Just 5 % of Antarctica is secured by Rocky regions where remaining percent of incontinent is secured by Ice.

Antarctica contains two oceans named the Ross Sea and the Weddell Sea. Antarctica has mountains named Trans-Antarctic Mountains which are near Ross Ocean and the Weddell Sea. Because of this reason Antarctica is isolated into two Regions named Western Antarctica and Eastern Antarctica. Antarctica additionally encounters numerous one of a kind marvel.

Antarctica Continents

Australia Continent

Australia has some specialized names like Sahul, Australinea or Meganasia. Australia is the very littlest continent among all these 7 islands. Antarctica possesses twofold space when contrasted and Australia.

Australia contains the nations of Australia, Tasmania, Seram, New Guinea, Timor, and other neighboring islands.Australasia, additionally a district; it doesn’t include everyone of the islands in the region.

Australasia is really a sub-locale inside of the bigger Oceania, alongside the above-mapped areas of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. Australia contains shallow oceans. These shallow oceans partition Australia in two a wide range of area masses. New Zealand is not a piece of the continent of Australia, but rather of the different island of Zealandia which is submerged.

 Australia Continents

Both New Zealand and Australia are parts of the most extensive areas surely understood by Oceania or Australasia. Australia contains the aggregate area region of 8.56million kilometers. At the point when contrasted with all islands Australia possesses less Space.

People or humankind initially populated in eastern Region of Australia. Currency utilized as a part of Australia is dollar which is named as Australian Dollar. The currency Code of Australian Dollar is AUD.

Australia is one of Developed continent. It has 8 universal Airports named Adelaide Airport, Cairns Airport, Brisbane Airport, Gold Coast Airport, Melbourne Airport, Darwin Airport, Perth Airport, and Sydney Airport. Australia Climatic zones territory from tropical downpour woodlands forsakes and cool temperature backwoods to snow secured mountains.

Very nearly one is four Australians are not conceived from Australia. The nation of Australia incorporates the Australian territory, Tasmania, a few islands in the Torres Strait, a few islands in the Indian Ocean, in addition to a few islands in the Coral Sea including Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.

Europe Continent

Europe is the westernmost piece of Eurasia. Europe is encompassed by the Arctic Ocean in the north, Atlantic sea toward the west, and Mediterranean ocean toward the South.

Europe is for the most part isolated from Asia by the watershed partitions of the Ural promotion Caucasus Mountains. The Ural River, the Caspian Ocean, and the Black ocean are the Waterways. In Particular, Europe is Ancient Greece origination of Western society. The modern insurgency which has occurred in eighteenth Century offered raise to Radical Economy. Europe is the Western piece of Eurasia. Both the world wars which held have a prime spotlight on Europe.

Numerous European nations are additionally people from Schengen Area. The United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Russia, France, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, and Romania are the well-known nations in Europe Continent.

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The Europeans get a ton of outside trade through the extraordinary development of tourism in the island. It represents around 11% of the aggregate population of the world. Euro is the normal currency of the nations in Europe. The mechanical insurgency which was occurred in the eighteenth Century offered raise to Radical Economy. About 739 million people live in Europe.There are numerous acclaimed lakes in Europe like Lake Balaton, Hungary. These are the focal acclaimed lakes in Europe. Volga stream is the most acclaimed and longest waterway in the Europe.

English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Nordic Languages and East European dialects these all are the dialects utilized as a part of Europe. Numerous capitals arrived in Europe. They have numerous chronicled places and touring spots in Europe.

North America Continent

North America is the third biggest continent on the planet. North America lies totally on Northern Hemisphere. At North, North America is secured by Arctic sea, East of North America is secured by the Atlantic Ocean, and South of North America is secured by the Pacific Ocean.

North America can be considered as Northern Sub Continent. Africa is the second biggest crowded island on the planet, where North America is the third biggest continent on the planet. The majority of the North America Island is secured by Canada, United States, Greenland’s and Mexico. Firstly the Word America is utilized by just a few districts of Continent later it has been spread to all over Continent. The segment of island broadening out from the Isthmus of Panama was called North America, and the southern part was called South America.

Greatest Places of North America are situated between the Tropic of Cancer and Arctic Circle. North America is additionally considered as a Northern Subcontinent of Americas. Anthropologists’ trusts that North Americas starting tenants touched base around 40,000 Years prior. There are numerous Major Rivers in North America.

North America Continents

South America Continent

South America is the fourth biggest continent on the planet. In South America island area masses will be there in southern part. It is a triangular molded continent which minimal with a more extensive on the northern side with the southern edge decreasing known as the Cape Horn in Chile.

North of South America is secured via the Caribbean Sea, east of North America is secured by the Atlantic Ocean, West of South America is Covered by the Pacific Ocean. The island contains the world’s most noteworthy waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela the longest mountain run, the Andes, and the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert in Chile.

There are a few islands around the South America continent. Most extreme Islands are towards the south piece of South America continent. East of Southern Argentina is the Falkland or Malvinas Islands. The northern part, the long extend of West Indies from Trinidad to Florida can be found. Be that as it may, they are by and large thought to be a piece of North America. We can see some little maritime islands off the bank of South America like Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

South America Island is around 6,878,000 square miles. The best east-west degree is 3,300 miles between Cape Branco in Brazil to Point Parinas in Peru. Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, which lies close to the outskirt with Chile, is the most astounding point in the continent and even the most astounding rise in the while of the Western Hemisphere at a tallness of 22,831 feet or 6,959 meters over the ocean level. South America Continents

The most reduced point is the Valdes Peninsula on the south-eastern shoreline of Argentina. The bit of island enlarging out from the Isthmus of Panama was called North America, and the southern part was called South America. French, Guiana, Suriname, Peru Anguilla, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Falkland Islands are the South American Countries.

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