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What is the largest continent in the world or are you searching about the largest continent in the world then lets all here about Asia facts, people, pop, culture, countries, population. Asia is the biggest continent of the world which spread from Saudi Arabia to the endless steppes of Mongolia. Asia is the world’s biggest Continent with many surprises. It is the land of various traditions and customs.

It has occupied with the highest population in the world. Asia is the perfect blend of natural and man-made wonders. Many of the surprises and attractions were there in this continent. Today we will know all about this largest continent of the world.

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Asia Continents

What is the Largest Continent in the world Asia Facts Secrets


Asia covers an aggregate area region of 44,579,000 square kilometers.

This makes it the biggest landmass on the planet. Interestingly, Africa, the second biggest landmass, covers an area territory only 66% of Asia’s at 30,221,532 square kilometers.


More than 4.1 billion people live in Asia.

That is almost 60% of the world’s aggregate. At 87 people for every square kilometer, it likewise has the most astounding populace thickness on the planet (Europe comes in second at 72.5 people for every square kilometer).


Asia has brought forth a percentage of the oldest human civilizations.

From the 7,000-year-old Sumer progress in Mesopotamia to the 6,000-year-old Indus Valley Civilization in India, old society is rich in Asia. Truth be told, the area around the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers in Mesopotamia (covering cutting edge Iraq, Kuwait, and parts of Syria and Iran) is frequently called the “support of human civilizations”.

Pop Culture:

Pop culture doesn’t do the people of Asia justice.

Popular society has a tendency to compare Asian with Japanese/Chinese/Korean people, however in actuality; Asia is vast to the point that it covers everybody from Siberians in northern Russia and Arabs in Iraq to Indians in South-East Asia and New Guineans north of Australia.


Cities are densely populated in Asia.

Shanghai, Beijing, Istanbul, Karachi, Mumbai, Guangzhou and Delhi – 7 of the world’s 10 biggest urban areas (by the populace) can be found in Asia.

Asia Contains World’s Tallest Buildings:

Nine out of ten of the world’s tallest buildings are in Asia.

The tallest, obviously, is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which remains at an incredible 2,717 feet. The second tallest is the Shanghai Tower at 2,073 feet. The tallest building under development – Kingdom Tower – is in Asia too (Saudi Arabia). When development is finished in 2019, this building will stand 3,300 feet tall – an entire kilometer!

Famous for Shopping Complexes:

Asians beyond any doubt know a thing or two about making gigantic shopping centers.

Each of the 10 of the biggest shopping centers on the planet is in Asia. The biggest, the New South China Mall in Dongguan, China, has an aggregate leasable territory of 659,612 square kilometers. The well known Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, conversely, has an aggregate range of “only” 258,200 square kilometers!

China Deal Mall:

Speaking of large malls, the aforementioned New South China Mall is classified as a “dead mall”.

Since about 99% of it falsehoods empty since its opening in 2005. In spite of its enormous size, 82-foot Arc de Triomphe imitation, and 1.3-mile trench (complete with gondolas!), the couple of retailers ever set shop in it. You are much more prone to discover security watchmen and squatters than customers on a restful walk around it.


Japan has a ton of odd and great traditions and laws, the Metabo Law takes the cake.

According to this law, all men and ladies above 40 years old are required to get their waists measured by Japanese government authorities. Men found with waists above 33.5 inches and ladies with waists measuring 35.5 inches or more are named “at danger” and “overweight”. While there is no punishment for being overweight, the legislature proposes that you take after specific strides to guarantee your great health. It might all be for the sake of staying sound, yet in fact, it is now unlawful to be fat in Japan!

North Korea:

North Korea, maybe the most politically secluded nation on the planet, has developed a strange religion of identity around the strict Kim gang.

Rather than taking after the Gregorian logbook like whatever remains of the world, the North Korean schedule begins from author Kim Il Sung’s date of conception (15 April 1912). Correspondingly, rather than observing Christmas, North Koreans make a journey to the conception town of Kim Jong Suk, the perished wife of Kim Il Sung, on December 24.

China is 3rd biggest in longitude:

Although China is the world’s third biggest nation and extends 5,026 kilometers longitudinally, regardless it has an only one-time zone.

Maybe the Chinese executed this subsequent to seeing the PST-EST perplexity in the United States.

India is second largest in population:

You presumably definitely realize that China and India are the two most crowded nations on the planet.

China has 1.35 billion people to India’s 1.22 billion. What you most likely didn’t know is that out and out, a gathering of 15 or somewhere in the vicinity nations in Asia hold a bigger number of people than whatever remains of the world joined. Measurably talking, the five most crowded nations inside of this circle are China (1.35B), India (1.22B), Indonesia (250M), Bangladesh (163M), and Japan (127M).

Surprising China’s Naming Traditions:

If you thought kids naming their infant kids “Khaleesi” after the courageous woman from HBO’s hit Game of Thrones TV show was irregular, hold up till you hear this: in the course of recent years, more than 4,000 kids in China have been named “Olympic Games” (or “Aoyun” in Chinese).

Chinese naming traditions have a tendency to be entirely impossible to miss. It isn’t phenomenal for folks to name their children after occasions, trademarks and values they love. This is the reason you have the parcel of children named “Defend China”, “Build the Nation” and even “Space Travel” in the country!

Landscapes in Asia:

Asia houses both the most noteworthy (Mount Everest, 8,848m) and the least (The Dead Sea, – 395m) focuses on Earth.

Indian Mangoes:

India delivers more mangoes than any nation on the planet – around 12 million tons every year.

Mangoes are more than a natural product in the nation; it is about an aggregate national fixation. Since mangoes are accessible for only 3-4 months in the year, an immense business sector for mango seasoned beverages has risen in the nation to fuel this fixation!

Japan has the second oldest population in the world.

The middle age is 44.6 years. Truth to be told, around 50,000 people over a hundred years calls Japan home! Just Monaco has an older population.

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